Dynamic Dimension Ministries, Inc -  Encouraging Spiritual, Physical & Social Wellness To Our People
A. Spiritual Development Practical application
Promoting and encouraging quarterly Prayer/Worship  concerts  with Church leaders. We believe that a ministry leader sets a spiritual tone for the people he/she is a leader over.
When God's people pray they tap into God's miraculous power and they declare that all things are possible and that brings down His glory. Worship becomes the heartfelt response to His presence.
Conducting Pastoral conferences to share the vision and hold workshops to help forge the New Mode of Ministry Delivery. We believe that in the priesthood of all believers and each has been endowed with spirituals to contribute to the well being of the body and community.
Equip them for the work of the ministry so that they can equip others also for the betterment of the community.
Conduct teaching on the new mode of ministry delivery to ministry leaders .  We believe the church is the life giving entity and it has been mandated to develop people in their given potential so that they can give and improve their communities. Thus we have to address the totality of man in our approach to the mandate God has given us.