Dynamic Dimension Ministries, Inc -  Encouraging Spiritual, Physical & Social Wellness To Our People
Social Development
Accommodating people's growing demands for their inclusion in society, for respect of their ethnicity, religion, and language, takes more than democracy and equitable growth.
We need to be culturally competent if we are going to function properly in our communities. Cultural competence is a willingness to learn and listen. It is being welcoming and dropping defenses. It is asking rather than assuming. It is a permanent way of changing how community issues are communicated and approached. Cultural competence is not simply valuing diversity—it implies a more active educational effort. It is also not about knowing all there is to know about all cultures (an impossible goal) or a wholesale acceptance of what everyone believes.
Instead, it is understanding and appreciating that there are different views of the world, taking an active interest in learning about other cultures, and basing questions on this knowledge.
We will work to enable our service users to effectively integrate into the society by helping them to access services, rights, entitlements and opportunities and to overcome barriers to learning, employment and training. Our support service gives our beneficiaries new ideas that encourage them to take their own initiatives and control of their own futures. Various activities are designed to help them gain new skills, confidence and motivation so that they can be able to help themselves and become independent and more sustainable and contributors to their communities.
The values we hold are Biblically based:
- actively involve ethnic minority people at the grass roots level in all aspects of our work;
- demonstrate openness, accountability, and professionalism;
- operate in a simple and transparent way;
- undertake research and critical analysis to inform and add value to our work;
- raise awareness of the needs and aspirations of our targeted group;
- achieve real excellence for ourselves and those with which we work.