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Educational Development
The Scripture has it in Acts 17:30 that "These times of ignorance God has overlooked".  Knowledge is not a priviledge for a few but an eternal inherent right for every person God created. We choose either to ignore or
embrace the importance and value of knowledge. Thus, we at DDM passionately embrace the importance and value of education and encourage every person to get to the highest level. 
We cannot afford as a family, community, society, and nation at large to downplay the importance and value of education:
 Therefore, the Family must encourage the importance and value of education to their children because their better future depends upon it.
The Church must teach and encourage the importance and value of education to its members. In Timothy 2:15, Paul encouraged the young man Timothy to study hard so that he can prove himself as a worker who does not need to be ashamed. The success of Timothy's ministry depended upon it. As a leader, he sets a tone for his followers.
The Community must encourage education to its residents because its development deponds upon it.
The Nation must teach and encourage the importance and value of education to its citizens for its national development depends upon it.
 There are many different ways to be educated and many subjects that can be studied. School is not the only place or setting in which we can learn or get an education of some sort.  While there are many ways to define an education, we simply define Education as acquiring skills to do something and being somebody that contributes to the development of self, community,  and  nation at large and to participate in the global market. Education has always been important and now it is more valuable than ever. As we move into the 21st century, the economic rewards of an education remain as important and valuable to a person’s economic success as it is to their employment success.
To participate in the global economic market it is imperative that we teach and encourage our people on the need to get higher education. It our strong belief here at DDM that the global market, innovations, technological oriented world, and the future development of any communities and nations is demanding higher education. This is because Higher education provides considerable value to individuals, to the economies where educated individuals live and work, and society in general. Economies that have experienced substantial investment in either private or public institutions of higher learning have realized considerable growth and prosperity.
Societal Benefits:
  • · Social benefits of a workforce with greater educational attainment and skills can be traced to the enhanced worker productivity associated with greater educational attainment. These productivity gains translate into higher output and incomes for the economy.
  • · Non-monetary societal benefits in regions with high proportions of college graduates include lower crime rates, greater and more informed civic participation, and improved performance across a host of socioeconomic measures.
  • · In any community, the retention of locally educated individuals and the attraction of highly educated people from other regions are heavily dependent on the availability of job opportunities appropriate for those with college degrees. Urban and natural amenities also are important to the attraction and retention of college graduates.
  • · Impediments to college degree attainment include family financial constraints, lack of academic skills necessary for success, and an apparent lack of knowledge or belief in the large effect that a college education has on an individual's future earnings.