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Economical Development
"I cannot help but mention, once again, that the cornerstone of our constitutions, governments and peoples must be service to man. I know this sounds so simple as to warrant no serious thought, but really when you come to think about this it is the all in all. Without man there is no constitution - there is no government-there is no law - there is no factory-there is no country. In fact, there is nothing that you can think of that would be meaningful. So those of us who are leaders of our people must not only think about the importance of man, it must be an obsession." (Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, former Zambia President for 27 yrs).
Economic development is an important part of strengthening individuals, families, and communities at large by identifying individual's skills and creating and retaining jobs.
The development of individual skills are the engine to the establishment of small and large businesses. Every nation that has developed started with a simple, low-income economy to a high morden economics. This low-income economic provides a basis for local quality of life which in turn enhances the economic development at large.
It is on this basis that we are convinced that the real economic development on the continent lie in the empowerment of common people and raising their value in the communities. Also, lie in the good leadership skills that are developed.