Dynamic Dimension Ministries, Inc -  Encouraging Spiritual, Physical & Social Wellness To Our People
About Us
Rev. Sylvester Kaunda Came to know the Lord in 1977 after a very serious search for meaning of life. Called to full-time ministry in 1981. During his studies at the Bible college from 1982 to 1984 helped build a congregation from 65 to 300 in attendance through preaching, music ministry, deliverance ministry through prayer. He also served as Assistant Regional Director for Emmaus Bible Correspondence School and as an Itinerant Lecturer at Gospel Literature Outreach Center training Church Planters in Zambia. Ever since he has had a deep burden for prayer temperature in our churches and Ministry delivery to the wellness of its people.. 
Coming to the USA, he served as Assistant Pastor in several congregations in Florida and Pennsylvania. Rev. Sylvester Kaunda is a gifted Bible Teacher, Worship Leader, and Intercessor. They are the founders of the ministry called Dynamic Dimension Ministry, Inc  conducting Worship and Prayer Concerts, and Teaching in churches here in the US. Pastor Sylvester Kaunda is married to Vester Kaunda a gifted intercessor for the ministry. They have three beautiful children. The Lord has been doing a lot of work in the life of this couple through Prayer Ministry and Deliverance, Music Ministry, and Preaching. 
Rev. Sylvester Kaunda is an Ordained Minister through the Church of God of Anderson.  He is also the President/Owner of Vena Technologies, LLC, a technology company providing IT Solutions to Businesses globally.  
The Dynamic Dimension Ministries, Inc is a result of much prayer before the Lord as my wife and I ministered in Churches through Biblical Teaching, Worship Concerts, and Intercessory Ministry, and the need to restore the honor of His name. Over the period of time of ministry the Lord has again impressed upon our heart to revive the Ministry and expand on it as an International Ministry with a NEW MODE OF MINISTRY delivery, thus, the Four Core Ministry segments mentioned in this article.
A.   Purpose of the Ministry:
To help people discover their God-Given Potential, Dignity, and Destiny for their Life so that they can live a fulfilled life.
B.    Mission of the Ministry:
To Promote and Encourage the Well Being of Individuals and Communities through our Four Core Ministry Segments.
                                “What They Would Become
C.    The Four Core Ministry SegmentsSEES
Why Dynamic Dimension
We need to understand that at the core of every human life resides a God given dynamite  that always cause changes in a human life. That is the reason why we grow from embryo to fully blown human beings. We are never meant to be static and powerless. There is also a God given Potency in each and every human being to be what God intended them to be and to do exploit. It is that DYNAMIC that our Ministry desires and intends to actualize in every person with whom we are brought in contact.
We also need to understand that as human beings, we have many dimensions that need to be developed if we have to live a fulfilled life. We are not just Physical human beings but Spiritual as well. These two main DIMENSIONS have their inherent dimensions that need to be addressed as we grow and mature. Therefore, it is important that we have a better understanding of these two Core Dimensions and their components.
It is for this reason that the Vision for this Ministry was given to me by the Lord through intense prayer that, we have committed the rest of our life to carry. Hence, “DYNAMIC DIMENSION MINISTRIES, INC”
One most important element that we all have to understand about Dynamic Dimension Ministries is that we are a “MINISTRY” as expressed in 2 Cor. 4:1-7. We define ministry as NOT things we do, BUT as PEOPLE that we serve. We are servant oriented ministry whose desire is to help facilitate the ACTUALIZATION of the God given potential in those that we serve. Thus our FOCUS is ‘WHAT THEY WOULD BECOME”.

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